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Well, that's the implicit message in pushing boosters to begin with, so here Israel is one ahead of the UK since it went "4 style" with Omicron. But there's been no demonstrating of waning of severe efficacy, except perhaps against Omicron in which case there's no demonstration of a recapitulation of severe efficacy except via selection bias and maybe a temporary prevention of infection.

So the claim is built into the assumption used to make the claim. It's already visible that the Omicron peaks were ~1/2 the heigh of the Alpha peak. So if you are the UKHSA and you assume "thing" = 2x of 1/2... you get 1. Doesn't make the assumption accurate.

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Oops! Down the memory hole with this!

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Wow, if that is true that 2022 hospitalizations would have been the highest of the pandemic, with Omicron primarily circulating, that is bad news for immune dysfunction, OAS and/or ADE. 🤫

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Why doesn't this report not say that the authors have a conflict of interest? Why isn't the authors of the report listed?

A department of the UK government reporting on the effectiveness of a UK government policy does not work because if the authors produced a report that say the UK government policy was disastrous all the authors would be immediately fired.

If we are going to have reports that can be trusted the UK government needs to supply the raw data to an independent third party(ies) to do the analysis.

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